Online Tutoring


Virtual Classroom

Our online tutoring platform is simple to use and can be accessed anywhere! Cisco’s WebEx is our preferred online tuition platform. We prefer WebEx as everything is kept in one place, with minimal input from the student. The software is truly collaborative: students and tutors can edit one another’s work in real-time. Work can be loaded directly into the platform and marked. At the same time, it incorporates a live video feed of both student and tutor, and allows for live chat, meaning that nothing needs to take place outside of the platform. Sessions can be recorded, and resources can be saved so that the student can replay the tutoring at any time if they wish to recap on the work later.

Online tutoring is perfect if you or your child can not access a home tutor, families who holiday for two or three weeks and would like their child to have access to a tutor or if you are based anywhere in the world and want access to high quality tuition from the comfort of your own home.

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Benefits to Online Tutoring:

  • Online learning can be accessed on any device – anywhere in the World!
  • Interactive classroom with a tutor – questions can be asked by students at any time during the live Virtual Classroom
  • Engaging lesson content available – interactive whiteboards and quizzes used!
  • Complete the course as quickly or as slowly as you wish.


ALTS Online Tutoring Screenshot 2
ALTS Online Tutoring Screenshot